We proud ourselves in the sole rights to import the first of its kind 3-wheeler scooter that is designed, engineered and patented in Italy: Introducing the Quadro 350s!


The 4 valve engine of the 350S scooter has more horse power than the 350D: a power of 27HP which offers great performance even on long distances without sacrificing safety either on the road or on dirty tracks.

With a weight of 205 kg, it is lighter than other vehicles in its category and this results in more agile and responsive driving as well as being more practical for clearing obstacles, moving easily through the traffic and twisting and turning in total safety.

As well as a new ergonomic leather seat, designed by the best designers in this sector, the new 350S is equipped with an innovative dashboard that has outside-temperature and cooling liquid temperature indicators. The higher windscreen guarantee a more comfortable drive in bad weather.

Quadro 350S is unbeatable on slippery road surfaces and tram tracks and isn’t affected by potholes and bumps even in the less expert hands. In addition to the unique, HTS  patented hydraulic tilting system, the new scooter is equipped with improved rear suspensions.

Brakes are powerful and flexible and their action is simultaneous on the three disc calipers, one for each wheel, thus reducing the braking distance in emergency situations.

Quadro Vehicles offer new personalised accessories for the 350S range: improved non-scratch windscreen, hand cover and leg cover in neoprene, a leather seat in a variety of colours with gel inserts for comfort during more demanding drives.

The bodywork of the 350S model has two new exclusive colours: Ocean Blue e White Snow.

Engine Capacity: 346 cc
Length: 2270 mm
Width: 800 mm
Weight: 200 kg
Engine: 4 stroke/ 4 valve
Maximum power: 27 hp at 8000 rpm
Maximum torque:  25,2 Nm at 5,750 rpm
Full Tank capacity: 13 litre
Brakes: Two front 240 mm disc brakes (one for each wheel) and one 256 mm disc for the rear wheel.
Emissions: Euro 3